Skross is the global market leader for premium travel adapters

Invented in Switzerland in 2002, SKROSS devised and patented the world’s first single-piece World Adapter with its all-in-one country slider system. Patented, certified and award winning – the originals from SKROSS are developed in Switzerland, patented internationally and comply with the relevant international safety regulations. 

This makes SKROSS unique. SKROSS has established itself in the last ten years as the worldwide market leader for premium adapters, operating successfully in more than 100 countries worldwide. The combination of typical Swiss reliability and passion for quality will be also a guarantee for outstanding products in the future.

SKROSS was founded in Switzerland and is still a 100% Swiss company.


The simplest and most compact

SKROSS adapters are the most compact on the market and are simple to use in over 150 countries all over the world. 

Power and freedom 

SKROSS adapters give you the power and freedom to use all your devices in different countries around the world. SKROSS is your passport to stay connected when travelling to the Americas, Europe, Asia and beyond. 

Sleek design 

Through their sleek design and functionality, SKROSS adapters have convinced millions of travellers and many juries alike by winning accolades such as the Red Dot Design Award and Product of the Year.