Scorpio first began working with SuperDry in 2015, where it introduced a range of the brand’s best-selling, highly fashionable watches to the inflight channel. The range has been hugely successful, achieving a total of 80 listings to date, with several airlines listing more than one SKU. 

“We’ve been out of the sunglasses sector for several years now, but we jumped at the chance to include SuperDry in our portfolio. The success of the SuperDry watch range proves there is a high demand for the brand in the travel retail channel, so taking on its sunglasses collection was a no brainer,” comments Ian Cowie, Managing Director, Scorpio Worldwide. 

The range is compiled of SuperDry’s best-selling designs and colours, with more styles planned to be introduced later this year. “The combination of fashionable, funky designs and unbeatable price points make this SuperDry Sunglasses range an ideal additional to any inflight catalogue. Ensuring we offer our customers the latest on-trend products is a vital part of our distribution strategy, so SuperDry Sunglasses are an ideal addition to our growing portfolio,” adds Cowie. 

SuperDry’s strategy is to create and sell the best product on the planet, to the planet, at a price point that can’t be matched on quality and innovation. The premium lifestyle brand has points of sale of over the world, giving it mass global appeal. With product values that are in line with Scorpio’s own including quality obsession, innovation, affordability and trend focused, the brand and distribution company are an ideal match.