mo bro's



Mo Bro’s was founded in 2014 by three brothers after they decided to grow their beards for Movember, the annual event to raise money for Men’s Health charities, particularly related to prostate cancer. During this time, the three brothers struggled to find products to stop their emerging beards from becoming itchy and messy; to solve the problem they developed their own range of innovative, high quality grooming products.

To cater specifically for the travelling man, Scorpio Worldwide and Mo Bro’s have created three travel retail exclusive collections that will be showcased at TFWA World Exhibition (Mediterranean Village, P08). Available in Classic Cedarwood or Unscented these include:

Mo Bro’s Grooming Travel Kit – A perfect gift for a bearded friend. The gift set contains all of the essentials you or your bearded companion will need to maintain a beard. The essentials include items such as Beard and Moustache combs for necessary grooming, as well as beard oil to stop any irritation. This gift set also comes with a Gift Tin which means you can easily wrap up the present for that special bearded someone. 1x Premium Aluminium Gift Tin, 1x 25ml Beard Balm, 1 x15ml Moustache Wax, 1x 10ml Beard Oil, 1x Beard Comb, 1x Moustache Comb.

Mo Bro’s Ultimate Beard Care Kit – The most complete beard grooming package available. It comes with every tool needed to effectively groom a beard into the awesome mane it’s destined to be. 1x Premium XL Aluminium Gift Tin, 1x Hessian Carry Bag, 1x 25ml Beard Balm, 1x25ml Moustache Wax, 1x20ml Beard Oil, 1x80g Beard Soap, 1x Beard Comb, 1x Moustache Comb.

Mo Bro’s Beard Balm Gift Collection – This gift collection allows the user to try each of the six scented beard balms available in the Mo Bro’s collection. Each beard balm keeps the beard soft and conditioned with ingredients including almond oil and shea butter. A perfect gift pack that includes 6x 25ml Beard Balms – Cedarwood, Unscented, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Mango, Sweet Mint and Summer Spice.

Stuart McGuire, Chairman, Scorpio Worldwide, comments, “The Mo Bro’s brand is a great example of entrepreneurialism, which I have great admiration for as it's the same spirit upon which Scorpio Worldwide was built. The Mo Bro’s brand is ideal for inflight due to its gifting potential, and as the channel in general is impulse-driven the brand is sure to emulate its current domestic success.”