Could you pass to whom this may concern.

Week in week out for well over 5 years now I have been to watch my son play football for Crawley United. In fact, after 2 years having been involved at other clubs I decided to get involved here. For the last 3 years I've worked alongside Steve Hoffman and watched the club grow from strength to strength.

A community club built hugely on ethic, inclusion and making sure the children come first. A club putting child welfare and the FAs respect campaign high in its priorities.

A club that puts every penny made back to the children. The children's subs don't support adults football or pay for club houses or adults drinking habits.

I am proud to say, like so many others that this is a truly amazing club open to both girls and boys and now adults with disabilities.

For all those years Scorpio has appeared on our children's shirts. I had no idea who Scorpio were so I enquired about who they were. When I was told that this company had financially supported this club for many many years I was astounded by how much had been given in sponsorship.

I spend most of my weekday evenings and most weekends with literally 100s of children who unknowingly benefit from this money.

I wanted to personally say thank you. I hope that at some point you get the opportunity to see what a difference you are making to a lot of children.  It is a fantastically run club and is kept that way by an amazing team if people headed by Steve.

Sponsors come and go but I totally respect the longevity of the relationship between Scorpio and Crawley United.

Thank you,

Carl Scutt