Previously, Scorpio Worldwide’s distributorship included the inflight channel to Europe and Africa only, along with Scorpio acting as Revlon’s agent for travel retail ground shops and inflight in the Middle East. Under the new agreement, Scorpio Worldwide will continue to act as Revlon’s regional agent for Middle East travel retail ground shops.

The new 3-year deal – with an optional extension for a further 2 years – is an exciting time for both companies as they look to strengthen what has already proved to be a successful relationship.

Ian Cowie, Managing Director, Scorpio Worldwide, commented, “We have been working with Revlon for 3 years now and the brand has gone from strength to strength in the inflight channel under our guidance. We are delighted that our relationship with Revlon has been extended for, potentially, another 5 years. The combination of this, and the fact that we have expanded the relationship regionally to include the full Asian and Middle Eastern inflight channel is a testament to the success of the previous 3 years.”

“We have enjoyed helping to grow Revlon’s inflight business and look forward to continuing to do so with the innovative new products and compelling new packaging that Revlon is introducing to the traveling beauty user.”

Jerusa Moura, Travel Retail Director, Revlon, commented, “This is an exciting time for Revlon. Revlon’s inflight business has really taken off over the past 3 years. Our relationship with Scorpio Worldwide has played an important role in this success. The end of last year saw Revlon release some innovative new products and compelling new packaging, so Revlon looks forward to seeing how our brand develops in the inflight channel with these new opportunities.”