The Story of Farah

The Farah brand was founded in the US.

However, it didn’t become the iconic brand it is today until it reached the UK in the 1970s. The original Farah slack, made from hopsack canvas, was unlike anything available at the time and became an instant hit with various tribes in fashion and music. For the Mods, Casuals and Rocker-Billys of the 1970s through to the Brit pop artists of the 1990s. Farah was the brand of choice and the now famous Gold F, a badge of honour.

In 2017 Perry Ellis International announced a multi-year licensed partnership for Farah eyewear with Inspecs Group. This will deliver high quality sunglasses and optical products including timeless classics and must-have, fashion forward pieces. 

The new collection under the iconic Farah brand will launch to the industry Autumn ‘18.


Farah’s roots are American but its present and future is British. Farah is proud of its British identity which comes from a rich association with the youth cultures and style tribes of the past 50 years. Farah embraces everything that is good about British casual wear past and present.