Cath Kidston is a quintessentially English brand that appeals largely to women.

The Cath Kidston philosophy is to create contemporary products which are a twist on old classics and evoke a sense of nostalgia and fun. This uniqueness is what customers have come to love.

Our range is loved by customers of all ages who will purchase products both for themselves as well as for gifts .

Cath Kidston is now firmly established as a “mainstream” brand across Great Britain. The brand footprint is strong-nearly one in four women have either brought or received a CathKidstonin the last year.

The brand is perceived as feminine, pretty, distinctive, cheerful/ fun. Homely and British.

At Cath Kidston we are known for our original prints and fresh take on design. We create contemporary products with a twist on the classics which evoke a sense of nostalgia…and fun. This uniqueness is what our customers have come to love. The original inspiration for the brand remains as relevant today as when Cath started out and this book brings together the essential elements that have helped make Cath Kidston a truly iconic brand.