What began as a quest to create a better travel pillow…

During his career playing professional basketball for Maccabi Tel Aviv, Cabeau CEO and Founder, David Sternlight, spent long hours on the road. At 6’8″ tall (204 cm), the athlete and entrepreneur found traveling to be very uncomfortable. With that in mind, he was inspired to create a better travel experience for himself and other. By surveying thousands of people at airports across the globe and listening to their needs, the Cabeau team developed the worldwide, best-selling Cabeau Evolution® Pillow.

What began as a signature pillow evolved into an innovative, patented line of solution-driven products. Each one is specifically designed to make travel easier, more manageable and infinitely more comfortable, turning every trip into a first class experience.

Became a mission to create a better travel experience…

Our products have set new industry standards for superior craftsmanship, quality, and comfort. We are honored to have received numerous travel retail awards that recognize our commitment to excellence in providing our customers with superior travel accessories as well as our dedication to improving the world around us.



“We think differently than our competitors, which has allowed us to lead the way in developing, redefining and elevating the travel experience.”

David Sternlight, Founder & CEO

At Cabeau, we seek to better understand the impact of the travel accessories business along our entire value cycle. We partner with our customers to address areas of concern and add value beyond our product line. Below communicates our values and what we promise for a successful, long-term partnership.

We will be accessible. Very accessible. You will have a direct line of communication with the decision makers at Cabeau. The importance of a speedy resolution cannot be stressed enough.

We will bring expertise to the table. We will step up and make a difference. Our support system is truly customer-centric. 

Our team will be at the frontline. We will be there with you to answer questions, solve problems and make sure we go above and beyond every day. We will always ask and deliver what you want.