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Smartwatch User Guide: Trouble with your Aviator Smartwatch? 
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1)  How to prepare my watch


2) how to prepare my phone


3) How to pair my watch with my phone


4) How can I set the notifications



Your Aviator Smart Watch connects with your smart phone
via the Aviator F-Series App, available on Android and Apple,
to provide connected services such as email, text messages,
phone call alerts, social media alerts, and health tracking data.
Please follow the tutorials to set up your watch correctly.


Please note: Some email servers can take up to 24 hours to link with the watch and App. Please wait for this period to pass.
Your Aviator Smart Watch is designed to work exclusively with one email address, for your own security. You can change your email address,
but require a unique code to do so. Please contact our customer service team who will generate a code within 24 hours on a working day.
We will answer any customer service queries within 24 hours, and ensure all cases are completed within 3 working days.

Question: I can’t unpair my Aviator Smart Watch and change the email address, how do I do this?
Answer: Your Aviator Smart Watch is linked to one email address – to change this we need to generate a unique code from our system developers. This takes 24 hours, so we will send it to you once asked. Please email:


Question: How do I link up my Aviator Smart Watch for emails and social media, I am struggling to do so?
Answer: Please follow the video tutorials. Please note it can take up to 24 hours for the email and social media functions to come on line.
If you are still not successful after 24 hours please refer to our customer service team. Please email:


Question: The step counters do not seem to be accurate, is this correct?
Answer: Please enter accurate personal information in the set up stage. The data is calculated using algorithms based on this data.
If you are still experiencing inaccurate data, please contact our customer service team. Please email:


Question: I am not receiving notifications of email, social media etc on my iphone?
Answer: Please ensure that the notifications on the iphone are set to on. From the menu on your iphone, access settings,
then mail, then ‘notifications’, and click ‘Allow notifications’. This should be repeated for social media etc.

Question: How do I unpair my Aviator Smart watch once I have received the unique code?
Answer 1:
Your is watch paired with an email address and want to unpair it for any reason.
(Eg: you want to change the email address registered for a new email address)
If you have the device that was previously paired with the watch. Please follow the simple steps below:
1. Visit the Aviator App     2. Go to Settings     3. Go to Unpair     4. Tap Unpair
After this, you are now able to pair your watch with a new email address.

Answer 2:
You want to unpair the watch from the previous email address, but don’t have access to the previous phone with the app.
(Eg: You bought the watch from someone, that didn’t unpair the watch)
In this case, we will need to manually unpair the watch with the registered email address.
You may provide us with the D/N number code or the email address you used to register in the Aviator App,
and we will unpair the code for you. Sample D/N number code: FCW00A17785003008372
(Note: This D/N code would only appear on the device if the watch is linked to a different device)

Should you need any more help or advice

regarding your Aviator Smart Watch,

please contact us on: +44 (0)1293 411733